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You’ve meticulously chosen your camera. You’ve pored over lenses. You framed your shot. Now you need to create your personal online gallery and start sharing your work. Do you care about your photos? If you do, you need professional grade photo sharing services. Everything related to photo hosting and photo sharing will be discussed in this section.

2 09, 2020

The holy trinity of photography

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Have you heard about the holy trinity of photography? If you want to be considered a great photographer (or even a good one, for that matter) you need to make sure you have these three key elements in your arsenal: Photography equipment e.g. camera, lens, post-processing software, etc Some photography education e.g. tutorials, classes, workshops, photo [...]

30 01, 2017

Photo Sharing Website. How to start? Where to go?

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Firstly, what is a photo sharing site or online photo gallery? It’s a collection of your valuable photos organized in albums. You should only upload photos that are valuable to you. Maybe recent events with your friends and family, maybe your latest travels, maybe some artistic photos. You should select only good photos for the gallery. [...]

15 12, 2016

Photo Hosting: What kind of a photographer are you if you don’t have your own online photo site?

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Do you have a photo gallery or photo sharing site? You’ve spent money on buying a digital camera. You might also have spent some money buying lenses. May be you even got some photo processing software. Where are your photos? If, in order to showcase your photos, you start scrolling through thousands of images on your [...]