Photo Hosting: What kind of a photographer are you if you don’t have your own online photo site?

//Photo Hosting: What kind of a photographer are you if you don’t have your own online photo site?

Do you have a photo gallery or photo sharing site? You’ve spent money on buying a digital camera. You might also have spent some money buying lenses. May be you even got some photo processing software. Where are your photos?

If, in order to showcase your photos, you start scrolling through thousands of images on your phone – you are not serious. However, if you have an image hosting site or an online gallery with your hand-picked photos – people will take you seriously. Photos in a gallery have value. The unsorted images are just snapshots that will eventually die with your smartphones or laptops, or will be lost with thousands of photos in your or iCloud, Google, Facebook or other social site accounts. These are like the old time photos on film that were never printed. They’ve disappeared, taking away all the memories that went with them.


Photo hosting


To save and showcase your photos, you need to have your own photo site with an online gallery. There is no other way around it, short of printing and putting prints in albums. You need a permanent web address (URL) with your or your screen name, for example, – something that you can put on your business card or just email to your friends – now you look professional.

Let me ask you again – if you spend money on camera and lenses – don’t you owe it to yourself to have something tangible to show them at, an online gallery that shows the end result of your work? Why did you buy the camera in the first place? Where are your photos? Try SlickPic now and see for yourself that you can have your gallery ready in five minutes.

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SlickPic was created by a group of like-minded photographers and photography-enthusiasts who wanted a service that wouldn't force them to conform to a certain style or niche, but one that would allow them the freedom to use their photos to tell whatever stories they want. They wanted a service that was capable of storing, showcasing, sharing, and displaying photos in all the different ways people use photos: some are meant just for family, some are taken for friends, and some are made for the world to see. SlickPic Photo Hosting and Sharing