Photography News July 24, 2023

//Photography News July 24, 2023

Photography News July 24, 2023

Quote: “Lately I’ve been struck with how I really love what you can’t see in a photograph. An actual physical darkness. And it’s very thrilling for me to see darkness again.” – Diane Arbus



The Best Photography Advice I’ve Ever Heard – Stills in Motion, Episode 3


FRAMES — Photography Visual Patterns #1


Opacity vs Fill in Photoshop


What Every Photographer Should Know About Lenses


Example of the Arc of Storytelling in a PhotoBook


Another landscape shot with discussion on angles, sun, etc. and a detailed discussion on post-processing: shadows, highlights, blacks, saturation, vibrance, contrast, tone curve, HSL sharpening, masking, adding grain, etc. And why he made these adjustments. Also compares files from a Leica and Sony and result is they are the same quality.


Thought for the day: Want to Get Better at Photography?
Look at great photographs and paintings. Why do they work?
Take a lot of photos and downselect to the best 1%.
What is the difference between them? What can you do better?

Artist of the Week:
Mariano Vargas – not same person as the more famous Alberto Vargas

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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