Photography News July 3, 2023

//Photography News July 3, 2023

Photography News July 3, 2023

Quote“Artists (fine ones) don’t copy nature, and when they do record quite literally the presentation is such as to arouse connotations quite apart from the subject matter.” – Edward Weston


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Lightroom Classic Masterclass 2022 – Developing Images


What Pros Know about ISO that Beginners Often Ignore!


How to capture a Galaxy with your DSLR


Ultimate Guide to Street Photography


The Biggest Lie Social Media Feeds Photographers


Thought for the day: What sees Truth?
What the camera sees isn’t what my eye sees.
What my eye sees isn’t what my mind sees.
Which of the three is more correct or accurate or truthful or meaningful?
Which maters? Which matters most for you.

Art of the Week
Human body is core, Coderch & Malavia

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