Photography News May 29, 2023

//Photography News May 29, 2023

Photography News May 29, 2023

Quote“The observation of nature is part of an artist’s life, it enlarges his form-knowledge, keeps him fresh and from working only by formula, and feeds inspiration” – Henry Moore


Aspect Ratio – The Secret to Stunning Fine Art Photos
Suggested by Paul Pokrywka


New Beta Photoshop Removal Tool


Portraits with a Plastic Dust Sheet


Shooting Winter and Snow Studio Portraits


How to Shoot Dance Photography – Quick Explanation


Some of the oldest photos you will ever see


Thought for the day: Another Exercise to Improve Your Eye – Sequencing

I was recently asked to help a friend improve their portfolio for an exhibit. The exhibit was to be a dozen or so images on a topic and the images needed to be self-similar (same style of processing unless there was a good reason for otherwise) with a clean flow from one image to another. In other word, have all the images in landscape or portrait orientation, or… consider why not. Or have all the pictures color or black and white; do not, in general, mix it up. Be sure to have the same “style” (color “grade”, black and white post-processing “filter”, etc.) for all the images unless there is a significant reason otherwise. If possible, try to make the sequence tell a story. As an example of a break in the ”style” of a sequence, my friend had a sequence of a dream. In this case starting with a color image to show the ”real” world and then going into a light hazy black and white for the rest of the sequence to show the “dream“ world. This worked.

This an extension to last week’s thought: A Painful But Very Useful Exercise

Artist of the Week: N. C. Wyeth – painter and illustrator

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